Biometric Readers

Cansec’s biometric fingerprint readers offer an added layer of security to almost any application. Whether your needs involve many users and centralized enrollment and management, or stand-alone capability with fewer users, Cansec has your biometric solution.

Multi-mode Fingerprint Reader

Zodiac Link

Zodiac LinkTM is Cansec’s latest addition to its field-proven line of fingerprint readers. Building on the success of the Zodiac 250, three new features have been added. User capacity is increased from 250 users to 2,000. You can now link up to five readers with all user programming done from a designated Master. You can also copy user templates from one unit to the other in case one is damaged and needs to be replaced. No need to re-enroll users.
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Fingerprint Verification Reader 

Zodiac iClassWhat better way to increase your security than by ensuring that access cards and tags in your system are being used only by the users to which they were assigned?

With Zodiac iCLASS II, a user simply presents their 16K bit iCLASS credential to the reader and places their finger on the scanner.

The reader compares the live fingerprint scan to the template stored on the credential. If they match, the Wiegand data on the credential is sent to the access control system where it is processed just as if it came from a normal prox reader.

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